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Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences (UPSPS), Centre for Gender Studies – Coordinator

Panteion University is the only Greek University specialised in social and political sciences. It keeps an important position in the Greek scientific and academic community. The Centre for Gender Studies (Department of Social Policy) was set up in 2002 in order to launch research on gender in social and political sciences. The Centre is currently co-ordinating a FP7 Research Project on Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions in the Mediterranean and South East Europe: an interdisciplinary perspective (GeMIC). The Centre collaborates closely with the University’s Centre for Social Morphology and Social Policy (KEKMOKOP) established in 1989 to carry out research in the fields of social policy, culture, immigration, social exclusion and gender. KEKMOKOP participated in several EU funded research projects as partner and in Gender Sensitive and Women Friendly Public Policies: A Comparative Analysis of their Progress and Impact (EQUAPOL) (FP5) as coordinator. It has also carried out a large Greek-funded research project on Gender and Migrant Populations: Facets of Social Integration and Social Policy.

136 Syggrou Ave., 17671 Athens, Greece.
Tel: +30 2109201516
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Maria Stratigaki (scientific coordinator) is Assistant Professor teaching Gender and Social Policy, Gender Equality Policies and European Social Policy. She is Director of the Centre for Gender Studies. She was scientific co-ordinator of FP5 EQUAPOL project and currently of FP7 GeMIC research project. She has worked in the European Commission from 1991 to 1999 and at the Greek Research for Gender Equality as Director from 1999 to 2002. She has organised and participated in seminars, congresses, and conferences on gender issues at Greek and European level. She has participated in research on women’s work, gender and technology, gender in the labour market and gender equality policies and published articles in Social Politics, European Journal of Women’s Studies. She is Member of the Board of the Greek League of Women’s Rights since 1999. She is the author of the Gender of the Social Policy (2007) and the co-editor (with Dina Vaiou) of the collective volume The Gender of Migration (2009).

Helen Kambouri (senior researcher) completed her Ph.D. in International Relations in 2005 at the London School of Economics. Since 2004 she has been employed as a research fellow at Panteion University (KEKMOKOP), where she has conducted research on different aspects of migration policies, processes and practices, with particular emphasis on gender under the FP5 EQUAPOL, research project on Gender and Migrant Populations: Facets of Social Integration and Social Policy. She is senior research in FP7 GeMIC project on Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions in the Mediterranean and South East Europe.

Dimitrios Parsanoglou (senior researcher) completed his PhD in Sociology at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales in Paris. He works as an independent researcher for several NGOs and institutions. His main research interests include the history and sociology of immigration to Greece with a special emphasis on employment and urban space. He has worked with several institutions in European and national projects about migration, gender and employment issues. He has published extensively on these issues.

Alexandra Zavos (researcher) is currently finishing her Ph.D. on “Gender, Migration and the Anti-racist Movement in Athens” funded by Manchester Metropolitan University, UK (2004- today). She holds an MSc in Critical Psychology (2004) from the same university and has a first degree in Sociology, from Panteion University (1991). She is senior researcher in FP7 GEMIC project on Gender, Migration and Intercultural Interactions in the Mediterranean and South East Europe.

Paraskevi Touri (researcher) studied social policy and social anthropology and holds a MSc in Social Change (2004) from the Department of Social Policy (Panteion University). She is currently working as a research assistant at the Centre for Gender Studies. She has large experience in organising conferences, seminars and transnational research meetings.

The Centre affiliates with:

1) The Gender and Space Centre (National Technical University of Athens -NTUA)
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Prof. Dina Vaiou (scientific advisor) is Professor of planning and gender studies in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). She has studied architecture in the NTUA, planning in the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) (MA) and urban geography and planning in the University of London (PhD). Recent research interests, publications in Greece and abroad and papers presented in Conferences include: the feminist critique of urban analysis, the changing features of local labour markets, with special emphasis on women’s work and informalisation processes, the impact of mass migration on Southern European cities and women’s migration in particular. She has published numerous articles and books in Greece and abroad and is member of the editorial board of the following journals: European Planning Studies, European Journal of Women’s Studies, Social and Cultural Geography, Geographies (Greek).

Olga-Zoi Lafazani (researcher) studied Urban and Economic Development at Panteion University. Her studies were in the NTUA on the topic of Architecture and Spatial Design: Urban and Regional Planning. The topic she is mostly working on has to do with migration in Europe emphasising on urban space as well as the border regimes. She is researcher at the GeMIC project and she is actively involved in the Network for the Social Support of Migrants and Refugees in Greece.

2) Re-public
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Theodoros Karounos (senior scholar) received his B.Sc. in Computer Science and the M.Sc. Degree in Information & Communication Systems. He has worked as a coordinator for R&D at the Informatics Development Agency of the Greek Ministry of Presidency and as an Advisor for Informatics to the Greek Minister of the Interior. Currently, he is senior researcher at the Network and Optimal Design Laboratory – NETMODE of the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering of NTUA. He is, also, President of the board of Republic, as well, as president of the Consortium of Greek Universities for the development of Open Source Software.

Pavlos Hatzopoulos (senior researcher) holds a PhD in International Relations from the London School of Economics. He is currently the editor of the bilingual (Greek-English) online journal Re-public and works as research fellow on the FP7 project GeMIC. He has published articles on digital spaces and social activism, has co-edited the volume Religion in International Relations: The Return from Exile (Palgrave, 2003) and has authored the book The Balkans beyond Nationalism and Identity (IB Tauris, 2007).

Athanasios Priftis (researcher) is a PhD candidate on Information Society, e-Governance and e-Democracy issues in Aegean University (Greece) and has worked as an Advisor at the Secretariat for the Information Society Ministry of Economics and a coordinator of the EU countries during the World Summit of the Information Society and the Greek Presidency of 2003. He, currently, works as an Internet technologies information, workflow and policy analyst.

George Karamanolis (web developer) has worked as web developer and IT analyst for large organizations and is experienced in e-democracy, online participatory platforms