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Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH)

The Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme (FMSH)’s objective is to promote studies of human societies that focus on current social realities and contexts. FMSH’s primary goal to be to only act through the subsidiary principle: the Foundation initiates, supports, sponsors research projects that are intended to become independent. The FMSH is creative in that it “listens” to the major questions about society, to researchers, and to decision-makers and then takes the risk of supporting innovative projects. Its second mission is to promote hybrid operations that combine disciplines.

54, boulevard Raspail 75270, Cedex 6 Paris, France
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Dana Diminescu (senior researcher) is Sociologist, Associate Professor at Telecom Paris Tech (Paris) and scientific director of the Research Programme on the Use of ICT in Migrations. Her Field of research is: Communication practices and uses in mobility situation, ICT uses by migrants (mobile telephone, voice IT, Internet, money transfer). She has coordinated the projects: ANR (contenu et interactions), “E-diasporas atlas”, Migrinter (University of de Poitiers), INA (National Audiovisual Institute, Paris), Bridge IT, CIPthematic Network, CE, the potential of ICT for the promotion of cultural diversity in the EU, the case of economic and social participation and integration of immigrants and ethnic minorities, a study on Social Computing and Immigrants and Ethnic Minorities and an ongoing research on the uses of Skype by the migrants (ENST/ FMSH).

Mathieu Renault (researcher) is engineer, PhD candidate in philosophy and research attaché at the project on the Use of ICT in Migrations. His field of research is on ICT and Migrations, notably on Social Computing and migrations, Immigrant’s Political Activism and the Internet, Migrations, marriages and gender in the Web and Postcolonial Studies (race relations, racism and psychoanalysis and colonialism).

Mathieu Jacomy (researcher) is engineer, PhD candidate in information science R&D, coordinator of the Research Programme on the Use of ICT in Migrations. He is researcher at WebAtlas. His research is on: Creation and experimentation of tools to act in a digital space, Mobilization of theoretical or technical elements to explore the Web, Mobilization of theoretical or technical elements to map the Web, Social data mining.

Sylvie Gangloff (researcher) is Political Scientist (PhD, Sorbonne), Development Coordinator of the Research Programme on the Use of ICT in Migrations. Her field of study is: e-Government and migrants, e-inclusion and promotion of digitalization (public and private actors), Immigrant’s political activism and the Internet.

Christophe D’Iribane (researcher) is Engineer, Physicist (PhD) R&D and researcher at the programme on the Use of ICT in Migrations (FMSH, Paris).