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The Peace Institute, Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies (PI)

Peace Institute of the Institute for Contemporary Social and Political Studies, established in 1991, is a non-profit research institution, located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The PI work addresses five thematic focuses: Contemporary political studies (historical, topographical and phenomenological dimensions of politics), gender studies (political participation, history of women’s and feminist movements, education for women in politics), human rights and minorities (communication building and increasing educational and employment opportunities), the media (monitoring, studying and reporting on media practices and media policy, democratization of media) and cultural policy (development trends, material conditions of cultural institutions and the effects of their operation). Special attention is devoted to cultural industry (mass products of popular culture and their economic, political and social implications). The PI is coordinator and partner to EU research projects (FP5 MAGEEQ on Gender Mainstreaming: Policy Frames and Implementation Problems, FP6 FeMiPol on Integration of Female Immigrants in Labour Market and Society and FP6 QUING on Quality in Gender and Equality Policies).

Metelkova 6, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Mojca Pajnik (senior researcher) holds a PhD in Communication Studies (Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana) and works as a scientific counsellor at the Peace Institute in Ljubljana. She is assistant professor at the Department of Communication (Media Studies) and was a lecturer in social practices of communication at the International School for Social and Business Studies (Celje, Slovenia). She has been a project coordinator to several national and international initiatives on media, gender, migration and citizenship including FP6 FeMiPol. Her recent research project is on Active Citizenship (funded by the Slovenian Research Agency, 2007–2009). She is programme director at the Open Society Institute that funds international projects on civil society issues and the media (i.e. Mainstreaming/Empowering Minorities in the Media in Multicultural Societies).

Veronika Bajt (senior researcher) is a researcher at the Peace Institute and holds a PhD in Sociology (University of Bristol, UK). She has been involved in several international research projects on migration, gender and media (FP6 FeMiPol and a project funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Admir Baltic (researcher) holds an M.A. in political science. He works as a cultural project manager at the Bosniac Cultural Union in Slovenia. His work primarily includes activities related to media presentation of the Bosniac community in Slovenia. He has (co)organized and moderated a number of workshops dedicated to the promotion of media activism of members of ethnic minorities in Slovenia, pursuing in broader sense the empowerment of Slovenia’s ethnic communities.