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Literature review and policy analysis – Overview

The aim of our research will be to:

- To review state-of-the-art literature on digital and migration networks in the different partner countries paying attention to national specificity as well as to potential Europe-wide implications. Firstly, all partners should critically examine the literature on new media and assess the extent to which it addresses issues of transnationalism, focusing in particular on migrant mobility and gender inequality. Secondly, all partners should review the literature on migration, and assess the extent to which it addresses transnationalism focusing in particular on their impact for the development of digital networks.

- To review and analyse policies on digital and migrant networks at the EU and national levels and examine the extent to which they address policy issues linked to transnationalism, with emphasis on policies encouraging civil society participation in digital networks, promoting democratic participation and deliberation by digital means and dealing with unequal access and marginalisation caused by factors such as gender, nation, race and class.