Mig@Net report – Social Movements

Contested space embodies the conflicts among several individual and collective actors (formal, informal, migrant, non migrant, entrepreneurial or voluntary and so on) around differing productions of space. In this sense, contested spaces are not related to a merely geographical point of view, but to a social, sociological if you want, view on antagonistic social processes. The research has attempted to map contested space amongst gentrification and anti-gentrification processes, focusing especially on how this contestation is subverted by the asymmetrical disruption effected by the forces of ‘dirtiness’.

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Social movements – Overview

The aim of our research will be to:

- To undertake innovative research on the multiple ways through which transnational social movements on migration and anti-racism (such as Frassanito Network, or the European Social Forum) are organised, coordinated and expand through digital interaction.

- To identify gender relations within those collectively organised digital networks, such as migrant women’s organisations and networks acting within broader transnational campaigns and movements.

- To explore an alternative theoretical framework for an understanding of new social movements as they are organised and spread at a transnational and even global level addressing the potentialities offered by multiple means and usages of new media (e.g. wikis, P2P, etc).