Mig@Net International Confrerence report

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MIG@NET Conference Program – Transnational Digital Networks, Migration and Gender

Introducing the Mig@Net project – 1st session

Marie Ramot: MIG@NET as Part of the EU Research Agenda — Past, Present and Future from MigNet on Vimeo.

Dimitris Parsanoglou: The Experience of the MIG@NET Project: Interrogating ‘Material’ and ‘Digital’ Spaces from MigNet on Vimeo.

Thanassis Priftis: MIG@NET Digital Platform from MigNet on Vimeo.

Trebor Scholz – Keynote 1

Trebor Scholz: Digital Prozac. Labor and the Business of Life from MigNet on Vimeo.

Crossing Borders – 2nd session

Brigitta Kuster & Vassilis Tsianos: How to Liquefy a Body on the Move: Eurodac and the Making of the European Digital Border from MigNet on Vimeo.

Irma Van der Ploeg: Machine-readable Body from MigNet on Vimeo.

Huub Dijstelbloem: Publics Versus Non-Publics. Mediating Technologies and the Politics of Border Control from MigNet on Vimeo.

Dennis Broeders: Dreaming of Seamless Borders: ICTs and the Pre-emptive Governance of Mobility in Europe from MigNet on Vimeo.

Religious practices – 3rd session

Sandra Ponzanesi & Eva Midden: Practicing Religion Online. Rethinking Gender, Agency, and Generations through Digital Media from MigNet on Vimeo.

Farida Vis: Tagging Islam on YouTube from MigNet on Vimeo.

Education and knowledge – 4th session

Pavlos Hatzopoulos: Invading (Greek) Classrooms: Migrant Students and Digital Machines from MigNet on Vimeo.

Nicomdemos Kiniua Maina: Exploring Networks and Paths of Communication: The Experience of Free Tutorial Courses from MigNet on Vimeo.

Communication and information flows – 5th session

Tobias Girard: Here, There and (Almost) Now: How ICTs Transform Migrants’ Living at Home from MigNet on Vimeo.

Myria Georgiou: Between Cultural Identity and Citizenship: Spaces of Belonging among Migrants in Europe from MigNet on Vimeo.

Social movements – 6th session

Nikos Trimikliniotis: Migrant Digitalities and Germinal Social Movements in Three Arrival Cities. from MigNet on Vimeo.

Carolin Philipp: The Production of Kerameikos-Metaxourgeio. Gentrifiers, Anti-gentrifiers and the Forces of Dirtiness from MigNet on Vimeo.

Mojca Pajnik – Keynote 2

Mojca Pajnik: Framing Human Trafficking in Online Environment from MigNet on Vimeo.

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